Select your itinerary by searching in the territorial resources.

Multiple words may be found by pressing

  • Selecting an itinerary and then a city, (or more than one) you can perform the search for its resources choosing a group or a type: for example selecting material assets, and among them historical- artistic and in the end castles you can display all the resources corresponding to the query. Among immaterial assets you can search for performances and shows, exhibitions, ceremonies, events....among accommodation you can search for bed and breakfast, mansion houses, agritourism pubs...or dirt roads or paths, but also high way, airplanes and trains.

  • You can decide to cross itineraries but also to perform a search displaying the same kind of resources available for all the cities. You can do it by clicking on all the cities and selecting each time specific group or type of resources (for example woods, landscapes, theatres, churches, libraries, archaeological areas, monuments, cheese factories, wine factories...)