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Leading Partner University of Salento
Coordinator: Prof. Giovanna Scianatico
University of Banja Luka
Coordinator: Prof. Danilo Capasso
University of Bari
Coordinator: Prof. Vitilio Masiello
University of Molise
Coordinator: Prof. Giorgio Patrizi
University of Novi Sad
Coordinator: Prof. Pavle Sekerus
University of Tiranë
Coordinator: Prof. Klodeta Dibra
University of Trieste
Coordinator: Prof. Elvio Guagnini
University of Zadar
Coordinator: Prof. Zivko Nizic
Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
Project coordinator: Dott. Graziano Lorenzon
Regione Puglia
Project coordinator: Arch. Luigi Tenore

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