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University of Trieste

Coordinator: Prof. Elvio Guagnini


 University of Trieste


The first faculty at the Universita degli Studi di Trieste was that of Economics and Commerce, founded on the base of the 18th century “Scuola Superiore di Commercio “Fondazione Pasquale Revoltella”.

In 1924 the “Regio Decreto”authorised the Institution to take the title Universita degli Studi of Economics and Commerce. In this way it gave a solid aspiration to the citizens to create their own university, and in which the Commune (town council) has given large amounts of funding in the course the years.

The University coat of arms, includes its own symbols of excellence for its citizens, the “il Faro della Vittoria” (the victory lighthouse) and Cathedral of San Giusto, and strongly emphasises the tie with its motto “ricorda e splendi”  (remember and shine), bringing to mind the important functions of the university in its transfer of knowledge.

Currently the University degli Studi di Trieste is made up of 12 faculties and has also numerous schools of specialisation. 


prof. Elvio Guagnini

prof. Rienzo Pellegrini

Point of reference

prof. Maria Carolina Foi

prof. Miran Košuta

prof. Marija Mitrović

prof. Anna Storti Abate

dott. Marco Giovanetti

dott. Luana Giurgevich

dott. Marta Moretto

dott. Ivan Visioli



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