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University of Tiranë

Coordinator: Prof. Klodeta Dibra


Università di Tiranë


The origins of the University of Tiranë


After the second World war the university system in Albania was made up of superior institutions which were created for the immediate needs for the preparation of specialists for the most important sectors. In the meantime Albania sent most of its students abroad to eastern European universities, In 1957 the first University in Albania was founded when the Pedagogic Institute, the Polytechnic Institute, the Superior Institute for Economics, the Superior Institute for Medicine were unified to form the State University of Tirana. At the beginning there were 10 faculties. The University divided in 1991 when the faculty of Engineering regrouped with previously mentioned university Polytechnic leaving the University of Tirana with 7 faculties including the faculties of Human Sciences, Economics, Natural Sciences and Medicine.



prof. Klodeta Dibra

prof. Orietta di Bucci Felicetti


Point of reference

dott. Elona Cacaj

dott. Vullnet Hysa


Alvi Islami

Erion Prendi



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