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San Nicola of Bari

San Nicola is one of the most illustrious and important characters of Bari. The celebrations for the patron saint of the city San Nicola clearly marked in two different moments on 6th December , dedicated to the liturgical celebration and that of 9th May , in which is celebrated the day in which the bones of the saint were transferred, in which reconstructs the ideal bridge between Western Christianity and Eastern Greek Orthodoxy.
The day of the festival of the statue of the saint is when it is carried around and it becomes almost like a day of pilgrimage, in which people from Abruzzo, come back with the manna (liquid found in the bones of the saint.)which they believe has strong powers.. Very little is known about the life of San Nicola, only that he lived in Asia Minor in the 4th century A:D:, everything else is lost in legend. In the 11th century the people of Bari were able to take his remains, which stayed with Schismatic monks.


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